Why and how the name AGENT HOFF?

AGENT HOFF is just but a ‘play of words’ on past goals and dreams. The word “Agent” was conceived from the desire to build a brand around all of the aspects of the modeling industry, having been created by professional fashion model Brittany Oldehoff. It also plays on the irony of a former career goal Brittany once had. Her college ambition was to become a ‘special agent’ within a government agency, however life had other plans for her. “Hoff” was taken from Brittany’s last name which in German means “yard, or court.” It is with these elements that “AGENT HOFF” was born and the name continues to embody the modern-day confident and sophisticated woman. 

Who is the AGENT HOFF woman?

The AGENT HOFF woman is someone who loves to be in command of her goals. We chose simple colors, designs, and fabrics because this woman doesn’t need an overly extravagant wardrobe. She can wear the humblest pieces while letting her own confidence and sophistication shine through. This woman shows up for her job, her friends and family, but most of all, for herself.